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Most physiotherapy treatments are reimbursed by the insurer from the supplementary insurance. For the specific reimbursement in your supplementary package, please visit the website www.defysiotherapeut.com. We have a contract with all insurers.

The treatments paid for via the supplementary insurance do not affect your deductible.

Physiotherapy for children up to the age of 18 is reimbursed from the basic insurance. This applies to a maximum of 18 treatments. If further treatment is required, this will be reimbursed via the supplementary insurance.

For people with certain chronic conditions, treatment is reimbursed from the basic insurance from the 21st treatment. (The first 20 treatments are reimbursed here from the supplementary insurance).

If you are not insured for physiotherapy, or if you need more treatments, the private rates apply. Please contact us about the rates.

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If you want to cancel an appointment, you must do so at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, the appointment will be charged to you. You can unsubscribe by telephone, email or at our practice. During the weekend you can also e-mail or leave a voicemail.

Physiotherapy Quality Indicators
The physiotherapist participates in the nationally implemented project Quality Indicators for Primary Physiotherapists. This means that the quality of the practice is compared with other practices. More information at www.defysiotherapeut.com

Quality Registers
Physio and Manual Therapy is a member of the Royal Dutch Society for Physiotherapy (KNGF) and all therapists are listed in the Central Quality Register (CKR).

Expert in posture and movement

The Physiotherapist

The physiotherapist is the expert in posture and movement. With his knowledge and skills, the physiotherapist helps you to prevent, remedy or reduce your physical complaints – as it is called in medical terms – the musculoskeletal system. You always receive tailor-made care. Suitable for your personal situation and focused on the goal you want to achieve. More than three million people visit a physiotherapist every year. People of all ages with different lifestyles and all kinds of complaints. These can be injuries, RSI complaints or pain, for example in the arms, legs, shoulders and back, caused by sports, work, hobbies, or by aging. The cause can be overload or incorrect posture.
For this you will receive good treatment and advice from the physiotherapist. The physiotherapist also treats people who need exercise care under medical supervision due to a (chronic) condition. This is important for your health and for staying mobile. But you can also visit a physiotherapist for rehabilitation after surgery or an accident. Or before surgery to improve your condition and therefore recover faster. Physiotherapy ensures that you recover faster and can (continue to) move as optimally as possible.

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